DoorDash Dasher Milestones

(Contract) Product Design, UX Design, Completed September 2018

Project Overview

Provide Dashers with new goal-based incentives to increase the number of Dashers on the road.

My Contributions

Ideation, Wireframing, Prototyping

Problem and Goals

DoorDash connects restaurants to consumers using a fleet of "dashers" to deliver the food.

As the company and brand has grown, the number of orders has been steadily increasing. To combat the demand, they needed to get more dashers on the road to fulfill the orders.

To do this, the product team in charge of the Dasher experience planned to test a new incentive model called "Milestones".

What is a Milestone Bonus?

This bonus is a reward for completing a certain number of deliveries over the course of several days.

Understanding the current models

Before beginning design, I always collect information on how the problem is currently being handled, what the users' pain points are, and how competitors are solving similar or adjacent problems.
App Workflow Documentation
  • Map out a user's typical flow.
  • Explore the scope of the app to see where new features fit in.
Usability Testing
  • Understand the current pain points.
  • How do users currently discover bonuses?
Studying Other Apps
  • Lyft and Uber (similar bonuses)
  • Starbucks, Duolingo, fitness apps (rewards and achievements)

Ideation:  Sketches to Mini Prototypes

To brainstorm and iterate quickly, I used index cards to make a lo-fi prototype. I then transferred these to Figma and created a digital prototype to better understand how the flow felt.

Final Designs

After multiple iterations and a few rounds of feedback with the design team, I put together the final design specs to present to the design tam and pass to the engineering team.

Discover New Bonuses

How do users discover the new milestone bonuses and learn more about them?
New Bonuses Page
Progress and Peak Pay
Giving a home to the existing bonuses and new bonuses.
Past Milestones
Complete and partial, with details for Support.

Milestone Details

How do users track their progress toward a milestone?
Milestones Details Page
Shows your progress and all fine print on the milesone.
In Progress

Tracking Progress

How do users track their progress as they work toward their goal?
Track progress while dashing
Click on the tracker to see the details screen.
Make Progress
Tracker fills up as you complete deliveries toward your goal.
Simplify information on screen once completed.

Complete a Milestone

How can we congratulate the user for completing a milestone?
Finish last delivery toward goal
Briefly explain what happened and congratulate dashers on their success!
Return to your dash